Most Commonly Asked Questions

“Oh… You’re a medium”

There is no faster way to end a conversation at a party then when someone asks, “what do you do”? I’ve started getting a kick out of watching people’s reactions after I say, “I am a medium”. No one is expecting what I am about to say nor do they know how to react. Some just squirm while others ask questions while evaluating my mental health. Yes, I know the deal and trust me, I get it. I would have trouble believing too if I hadn’t experienced what I have. I welcome a respectful skeptic and am grateful when someone takes the time to ask questions about what I do. So I thought I would share some of the most commonly asked questions and some other personal insights.

This is my intention.

I have a lot of people who ask me why I do what I do. I think this is an important question and one that I talk about in every reading I give. I do not do this work to change anyone’s beliefs. I don’t need you to believe in me or what I do. That’s not what this is about. I do this work, first, to be my most authentic self. Mediumship has been a part of my life since I was a child and for the first time I am stepping into who I really am without being worried about who thinks this or that. This isn’t something you wake up wanting to do one day because it’s “cool” or well accepted by others. I am choosing to share this ability with a whole lot of courage. 

Most importantly, I share this ability for the people who have suffered major loss. I do this for the parents, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, cousins, aunts, uncles and all who are hurting. Unfortunately, I can not cure anyone’s hurting heart by bringing their loved ones back. What I can do is share specifics about their loved ones in spirit proving they are still with them just in a different way.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic tunes into your energy and can provide information regarding past/present/future. A medium connects to your loved ones in spirit. Many mediums have psychic abilities not all psychics are mediums.

How do you communicate with spirit?

Picture yourself sitting in a chair with your eyes closed. The room is empty but then someone walks in. You can’t hear them or see them but you can feel someone is now standing behind you. You’re sensing their energy. That is similar (sort of) to how I experience spirit. I am extremely sensitive to energy. So I can not only feel energy but I can interpret what they want to say. This is done by the way they make me feel, see, know and hear. Many times this is done through symbols they give me. For example when spirit flashes an image of a rose bush in front of me I know there would a connection to the name Rose or my client planted a rose bush in honor of their loved one in spirit. Every reading is different just as every person’s story is different.


When was the first time you saw spirit?

I saw spirit in my room often when I was a child. I really struggled with that as I didn’t understand it nor was I in a home that supported my ability. I remember waking up one morning and saw a man who had wounds all over his body. He just turned and looked at me and left. He wasn’t scary or harmful but I just didn’t understand. I remember sleeping with the covers over my head every night to prevent seeing spirits in my room. I didn’t like the dark and did everything to avoid being alone. As time has gone by and I have had more communication with spirit I have learned there is nothing to be scared of. These are people telling their stories and I am grateful to help tell them.

Why do you charge?

For the first year I did not charge and struggled with making the transition of accepting payment. As, this is not about money for me. What I found out quickly is if you don’t accept payment you will be taken advantage of and become depleted. This work takes a TON of energy and time. In order to focus more time and energy on this I had to start accepting payment.


Can you communicate with your loved ones in spirit?

The answer to this is yes and no. I can communicate with my loved ones in spirit but I don’t see them walking around the house or hear them communicate with me as I would when they were here. I don’t know if that would be healing for me. I have had the privilege of having some pretty incredible experiences with my loved ones in spirit. However, I still struggle with the loss of my loved ones. No amount of signs, visitations or messages I receive will change that.

Are there “evil” spirits?

All I can do is speak from my own personal experience. I have never seen or felt anything evil. However, I do believe there are different levels of souls. Some vibrate at a higher almost angelic frequency (they usually take my breath away) and there are those who vibrate at a lower frequency (who have many lessons to learn). I have had souls who have made BIG mistakes in their lifetime, come through, only to apologize and explain what they have learned on the other side. Nothing that is brought up is negative. There is no hate or grudges held on that side. There is an abundance of understanding even though grumpy grandma’s personality undoubtably still shines through in readings.

“Can she hear my thoughts”, “I bet she didn’t see that one coming”, “She’s a medium shouldn’t she know that”…

Heckkk no. I am human. I make mistakes (daily) like everyone else and have my own struggles. I absolutely don’t know everything. During a reading I only know what information your loved ones give me. I can be wrong and I am most definitely not “on” in the grocery store, at soccer with my kids, etc. It can be draining and it doesn’t align with my morals to tune into someone unless the invitation is there. I also don’t encourage reading for people who I know personally. I would prefer to know nothing about the person I am about to read.

What is a reading like?

In a reading I will start with explaining how it works for me and my intention (that I previously stated here). This is not only to share how it works but to also let spirit know I’m ready to work. Then spirit will step forward. Usually providing their relationship with you, how they passed, what you may have of theirs, how you honor them, personal memories, how they show you they are around and what they see of your life now. Then spirit will usually bring forth a message. Validations are for you, the client, to know this is really them but I believe the message is why spirit is here. What do they really want to say? Reading after reading I have learned the message is usually where most of the healing comes from.


“Can you tell my Mom…”

I always get this and I think it is so important for people to know that their loved ones hear them. They know when you are thinking about them, talking out loud to them, looking at pictures of them, wearing their jewelry, honoring them, etc. They keep up with what is going on in your life and will often bring up specific examples of these in our reading together. You do not need a medium to talk to your loved ones. Keep talking, they’re listening! 


Have any other questions? Feel free to post your questions in the comments.




  1. I have to say that the reading I had with you was probably one of the most validating readings I’ve ever had! You let me know that just a few hours before when I was dying my hair that I said to her that I wish she was there helping me! No one knew this! Amazing and healing you are💖🥰🐝

    1. Hi Tina, there is no time limit to when you can connect with your loved ones. I have connected immediately after a passing and many, many years later. What I would recommend is waiting until you feel you are ready to connect. Our loved ones are always able to connect it just depends on whether we are ready. If we are too deep into our grief we most likely are not ready for a reading. You’ll know when it feels right.

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