Hi Everyone-
Thank you to those who have scheduled a reading with me in these coming months. I am so grateful to have your trust and the honor of connecting you with your loved ones. I really feel so blessed to have such amazing clients.

Unfortunately, right now all IN-PERSON private and group readings are being moved to online readings (via Facetime, Skype, Phone or Zoom) or rescheduled for a later date. Until things calm down in our area.
Many of you may have already received an email from me.

I have had so many people ask me if online readings are the same as in-person. YES!! I can promise you there is no difference in the reading or connection. Whether it is a online group or an individual reading. Your loved ones are happy to connect with you regardless of your location!

That being said, I understand some of you may prefer to meet in-person. If you would like to reschedule you can go to your confirmation email and click “change appointment” to the next available date.

Since many changes have been made with my schedule I also have openings available in the next few weeks. Please use the link below to schedule.

Please stay safe and stay home if you can do so.

Sending my love,



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