My Story

Welcome! My name is Lauren Startt. I am a wife, mother— and medium.

As a medium, I connect others with their mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, close friends, family and pets who have crossed over. This is something I don’t take lightly and I am truly grateful for.

My spiritual journey unknowingly began back when I was four years old when I saw spirit for the very first time. It wasn’t later in life that I fully understood my gift when I woke up to my friend’s soul standing beside me. I went back to bed and received a call minutes later learning of her passing. At that moment I knew the years of anxiety, seeing, hearing and feeling things was actually spirit relaying messages to me. Since my friends passing, my anxiety skyrocketed and my dreams became extremely vivid. This led me on a spiritual journey to better understand my gift and how to harness my feelings to help others. Each day I am humbled to do this work, and through spirit give others the opportunity to know their loved ones are still with them.

Lauren is a tested, certified medium through Mark Ireland and The Helping Parents Heal organization.

“And somehow we survive the trauma, the shock, the agony. Those long nights where we thought we too may die from the sheer weight of the grief, become a memory. And now, we remember that short life with a smile, and rejoice that we were blessed to have them for even a little while.”  Zoe Clark-Goates