“I just had a reading with Lauren and I cannot put into words the feeling of peace I have. Lauren connected with my mom and was able to deliver messages from her that I needed to hear so deeply. She identified many situations that have recently happened in my life and my mom was there for each one of them. Lauren described things about my family that only my mom would know. Not only did she bring me comfort that my mom is always with me but she gave me a message that has brought me so much peace and comfort. Thank you Lauren. You have a true God
given gift.”

“Lauren gave me a reading that so healed my soul. I lost my 18 yr old daughter unexpectedly one year ago. The heavy burden of grief has been unbearable. What she channeled absolutely let me know that it was my daughter who was speaking to me. She knew things that there would have been any way of her knowing. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a sincere and healing reading. If you would like to contact the spirit of your loved ones I highly recommend Lauren Startt.”

“I went into the experience skeptical and a non-believer but what happened was beyond what anyone could have found about me on any social media sites or otherwise.  Lauren immediately connected with my mother who abruptly passed after a long battle with mental illness.  The relationship we had was strained and difficult my entire life and her death left me with so many questions that I received answers to in our session.  The whole experience was emotional but healing for me and provided me a bit of closure I never expected to receive.  I am now a believer and currently in the process of booking another session.  Lauren is amazing in her delivery and her gift is obvious to all that attended.”

“I had a reading with Lauren and I was BEYOND blown away!! She was able to give me information about my son that I have not told anyone! The love I felt coming from not only her as a beautiful, caring and professional medium, but from my son and father as well was astounding. I felt their specific energy in their words and through my goose bumps!! I will absolutely be getting another reading in the future! Thank you Lauren for the time and attention you lovingly give to your clients!”

“Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with me … I’m still a little lost for words on how to describe what is truly a wonderful thing that you are able to do for so many. Not only was a much needed message delivered for my family member but each loved one that came through or living person that was spoken about the details that were given were right on target…. No one could possibly know that much detail and to get exact names …  I think the most exciting thing though had to be after the phone call and when a hummingbird was in my yard … a sign that you had said would be a family member… we have never had a hummingbird before! So thankful for the opportunity to speak with you. I will definitely be scheduling another reading in the future!”

“Lauren Startt is one of the most gifted mediums I’ve ever visited. She dives into readings connecting with loved ones and gets more than messages, you actually feel their presence in her company. She’s right on with her feelings and is able to interpret with grace and accuracy. If you have to pick one messenger to hear from your relatives, Lauren Startt is a great light-worker and a joy to watch.”

“Lauren is the most special psychic I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is kind, honest, patient and dead on! Her accuracy is scary, and her gift is second to none! My vehicle was recently stolen, and she told me I’d have it back within the month (there were only a few days left in November) and I did! The police found my vehicle shortly after Lauren’s prediction. She gives me guidance and peace, and I’m grateful to know her. She has changed mine & my mom’s life, we would highly recommend her.”

“I left our meeting and felt truly at peace. Your connection to my brother and his connection with my daughter gave me such a sense of comfort and relief  not only for me but for her. You were able to feel exactly the kind of person he was. Your connection to Jeff as well as other family members, whom I believe helped him to step forward, was so beautiful and your peaceful, authentic and calming nature is a gift. I’ve had three readings with you but this was my first one on one reading, and each one was spot on and so specific that I just had to share my experience with all my friends and family. I believe this gave them as much comfort and peace as I received.  Your ability to connect, relay messages and offer clarification will be something I cherish until one day we all meet again. And I know we will. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

“Lauren is a truly gifted psychic medium. Her readings are accurate and filled with positive messages from spirit. Lauren is full of light and comfort. I was fortunate to have a wonderful reading by her and I know several others who have had healing and uplifting readings by Lauren. She’s a blessing!”

“I recently had a reading with Lauren and I am truly amazed! When I heard her first started speaking, I was in awe. My children’s father came through and I must say ever since his passing I have been filled with a hurt and for many reasons. She brought on the healing process for me. The weight has been lifted from me. I am highly recommending her. I also heard from my grandfather. And a lot of questions were answered. She also told me things about myself I needed to hear. Try her once and you will know for yourself! I am forever grateful.”

“Lauren is truly a gifted, warm hearted psychic medium. Lauren brings comforting energy as she surrounds you with the love and light of her readings. On several occasions, Lauren was able to connect with my loved ones and comfort me in ways no one else could. She is able to deliver specific messages from spirit and guides in order to ease your pain. She is also able to read into things to a further extent in order to ease your doubts and bring you comfort. Having a reading by Lauren is a blessing. Don’t miss your opportunity. Book now!”

“My mother died January 3rd 2020. My sister and I had a session with Lauren in October 2020 and my daughter and I had one in February 2021. Both sessions brought peace to us, answered questions for us and gave us strength to handle our loss as well as other things currently going on in our lives. Lauren’s insights and wise words helped in so many ways. Events, feelings, revelations expressed and so much more are so greatly appreciated by myself, my sister and my daughter.”

“This was my 3rd time with you for a reading.  The first, as a participant at a friend’s group reading, your message of love and responsibility from my brother was the balm my soul needed.  My second was a private reading with my (adult) daughter joining us.  That was such a wonderful time hearing from my many loved ones, feeling their spirits and personalities in everything you shared.  We laughed way more than expected and didn’t cry because we could tell that our loved ones were at peace and with their loved ones in the great beyond. My most recent encounter was a group I hosted at my house consisting of close friends and family.  The interconnection between our friendship and family helped many of our loved ones come through – even a few unexpected visitors were able to share their messages.  What a wonderful experience for all of us.  The amount of healing brought to those of us struggling after losing a loved one is enormous and we are ever so grateful for your guidance and ability to speak for those from the spirit world.”