Welcome! My name is Lauren Startt.

I am a wife, mother  and medium.

As a medium, I connect others with their mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, close friends, family and pets who have crossed over. This is something I don’t take lightly and for which I am truly grateful.

My spiritual journey unknowingly began back when I was four years old when I saw spirit for the very first time. It wasn’t until later in life that I fully understood my gift when I woke up to my friend’s soul standing beside me. I went back to bed and received a call minutes later learning of her passing. This led me on a spiritual journey to better understand my gift and how to harness my feelings to help others. Each day I am humbled to do this work, and through spirit, give others the opportunity to know their loved ones are still with them.

Lauren is a tested, certified medium through Mark Ireland and The Helping Parents Heal organization.


“I had a reading with Lauren and I was BEYOND blown away!! She was able to give me information about my son that I have not told anyone! The love I felt coming from not only her as a beautiful, caring and professional medium, but from my son and father as well was astounding. I felt their specific energy in their words and through my goose bumps!! I will absolutely be getting another reading in the future! Thank you Lauren for the time and attention you lovingly give to your clients!”

“Lauren Startt is one of the most gifted mediums I’ve ever visited. She dives into readings connecting with loved ones and gets more than messages, you actually feel their presence in her company. She’s right on with her feelings and is able to interpret with grace and accuracy. If you have to pick one messenger to hear from your relatives, Lauren Startt is a great light-worker and a joy to watch.”

“Lauren is the most special psychic I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is kind, honest, patient and dead on! Her accuracy is scary, and her gift is second to none! My vehicle was recently stolen, and she told me I’d have it back within the month (there were only a few days left in November) and I did! The police found my vehicle shortly after Lauren’s prediction. She gives me guidance and peace, and I’m grateful to know her. She has changed mine & my mom’s life, we would highly recommend her.”

“I recently had a reading with Lauren and I am truly amazed! When I heard her first started speaking, I was in awe. My children’s father came through and I must say ever since his passing I have been filled with a hurt and for many reasons. She brought on the healing process for me. The weight has been lifted from me. I am highly recommending her. I also heard from my grandfather. And a lot of questions were answered. She also told me things about myself I needed to hear. Try her once and you will know for yourself! I am forever grateful.”