And somehow we survive the trauma, the shock, the agony. Those long nights where we thought we too may die from the sheer weight of the grief, become a memory. And now, we remember that short life with a smile, and rejoice that we were blessed to have them for even a little while.
Zoe Clark-Goates


My name is Lauren Startt.

I am a wife, mother  and medium.

As a medium, I connect others with their mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, close friends, family and pets who have crossed over. This is something I don’t take lightly and for which I am truly grateful.

My spiritual journey unknowingly began back when I was four years old when I saw spirit for the very first time. It wasn’t until later in life that I fully understood my gift when I woke up to my friend’s soul standing beside me. I went back to bed and received a call minutes later learning of her passing. This led me on a spiritual journey to better understand my gift and how to harness my feelings to help others. Each day I am humbled to do this work, and through spirit, give others the opportunity to know their loved ones are still with them.

Lauren is a tested, certified medium through Mark Ireland and The Helping Parents Heal organization.

“I just had a reading with Lauren and I cannot put into words the feeling of peace I have. Lauren connected with my mom and was able to deliver messages from her that I needed to hear so deeply. She identified many situations that have recently happened in my life and my mom was there for each one of them. Lauren described things about my family that only my mom would know. Not only did she bring me comfort that my mom is always with me but she gave me a message that has brought me so much peace and comfort. Thank you Lauren. You have a true God given gift.”

“Lauren gave me a reading that so healed my soul. I lost my 18 yr old daughter unexpectedly one year ago. The heavy burden of grief has been unbearable. What she channeled absolutely let me know that it was my daughter who was speaking to me. She knew things that there would have been any way of her knowing. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a sincere and healing reading. If you would like to contact the spirit of your loved ones I highly recommend Lauren Startt.”

“I went into the experience skeptical and a non-believer but what happened was beyond what anyone could have found about me on any social media sites or otherwise. Lauren immediately connected with my mother who abruptly passed after a long battle with mental illness.  The relationship we had was strained and difficult my entire life and her death left me with so many questions that I received answers to in our session.  The whole experience was emotional but healing for me and provided me a bit of closure I never expected to receive.  I am now a believer and currently in the process of booking another session.  Lauren is amazing in her delivery and her gift is obvious to all that attended.”