“Meditation isn’t for me” is a phrase I have said and one I’ve heard from so many of you. I can’t sit still, it doesn’t relax me, my mind keeps going and going…

Trust me, I get it!

What I want you to know is there are all different forms of meditation.

You do not have to be sitting still for an hour, with your hands out repeating the phrase, “ommm” in order to receive the benefits of meditation.

Meditation comes in all forms.

For some, meditation is taking a walk in the woods, or working in the garden, and for others it can be going for a long drive.

Meditation is simply a state of clearing your mind and connecting within.

When we are in a meditative state we are better able to connect with our loved ones in spirit and more importantly with ourselves.

How do you meditate? What is something you do that clears your mind and allows you to connect within? All of the answers are within.